DoD Software Development Jobs

DoD Software Development Jobs

Software modernization is delivering better software at a much greater speed across the Department of Defense, and that is being achieved through innovation, resilient cybersecurity, and cultivation of talent for DoD software development jobs.

DoD is increasing its technological capabilities across the department and strengthening overall adoption of enterprise systems to expand its competitive space in the cyber domain, as outlined in the Digital Modernization Strategy, which is a cornerstone of the National Defense Strategy. The key to its advantage in maintaining and developing a robust software workforce is aggressively and effectively recruiting for DoD software development jobs.

Read on to learn about the types of DoD software development jobs available. Click the work role title to see the core and additional Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks (KSAT) for each work role.

DoD Software Development Jobs Workforce Element: Software Engineering

Software Development Job Title What Does This Job Do?
System Security Analyst (461)
Responsible for analysis and development of systems/software security through the product lifecycle to include integration, testing, operations and maintenance.
Software Developer (621)
Executes software planning, requirements, risk management, design, development, architecture, modeling, estimation, configuration management, quality, security, and tests using software development methodologies, architectural structures, viewpoints, styles, design decisions, and frameworks across all lifecycle phases.
Product Designer User Interface (UI) (625)
Manages the user interface design portion of the design process of a product.
Service Designer User Experience (UX) (626)
Manages the user experience of a product focused on human factors by making products intuitive and maximizing usability, accessibility, and simplicity.
DevSecOps Specialist (627)
Selects/Deploys/Maintains the set of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools and processes used by the development team and/or maintains the deployed software product and ensures observability and security across the lifecycle.
Software / Cloud Architect (628) Manages and identifies program high-level technical specifications, which may include application design, cloud computing strategy and adoption, and integration of software applications into a functioning system to meet requirements.
Software Test & Evaluation Specialist (673) Plans, prepares, and performs testing, evaluation, verification, and validation of software to evaluate results against specifications, requirements, and operational need.
Product Manager (806) Manages the development of products including the resource management, product strategy (physical or digital), functional requirements, and releases. Coordinate work done by functions (like software engineers, data scientists, and product designers).