DoD AI Jobs

DoD AI Jobs

As part of its acceleration to a 21st Century “AI-ready” posture, the addition of DoD AI jobs agency-wide is part of the modernization of the Defense Cyber Workforce — which includes extensive upskilling and training of AI, machine learning, and adjacent technologies necessary to retain DoD’s worldwide technology advantage.

DoD has more than 600 AI efforts in progress. Those efforts include the DoD’s AI and Data Acceleration initiative that will help the DoD harness its data at scale and speed. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III said, “Emerging technologies must be central to our strategic development. … We need to more vigorously recruit talented people.”

To learn more about the types of DoD AI jobs available, read on.

DoD AI Jobs Community: Lead AI

Decides policy and doctrine, including how AI tools can or will be used; builds AI vision and plan.

AI Job Title What Does This Job Do? Key Differentiator Example DoD Civilian Career
Policy Creates and writes overarching guidance on AI use throughout DoD.
  • Plan for and guide future use cases of AI
  • Evolve strategy, doctrine, policy to account for use of AI
Office of the Secretary of Defense Principal Staff Assistants
Command Ensures AI policy is carried out by personnel they lead; makes decisions that support AI use.
  • Understand / internalize OSD guidance on AI
  • Lead the implementation of AI use throughout DoD
CENTCOM Commanding Officer
Agency / Function Lead Ensures AI policy carried out in non-Combat roles.
  • Support to DoD combat organizations
  • Ensure use of AI to increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations
Director, Defense Health Agency
DoD AI Jobs Community: Drive AI

Ensures appropriate AI tools and capabilities are developed and delivered across DoD.

AI Job Title What Does This Job Do? Key Differentiator Example DoD Civilian Career
Acquisition Manager Accesses technology/ capabilities through contracting. Supports technology/capabilities through total life cycle.
  • Recognizes AI technology, talent available in industry
  • Understands AI-specific acquisition models (e.g., pay per use or per data element)
Program Manager,
Contracting officer
Capability Manager Evaluates and develops force structure resources and requirements.
  • Understand roles that require AI knowledge and skills
  • Project and manage growth of AI roles
J5 (Strategy & Policy),
J8 (Force Structure)
Technical Manager Defines the tech strategy across a project portfolio.
  • Leads technical approach across a portfolio of tools
  • Assesses technical risks and opportunities
Computer/nuclear engineer, Operations research
Product Manager Ensures the creation of AI-enabled tools, from start to finish.
  • Understands how AI can deliver user-centric solutions
  • Manages creation of AI tools that will address requirements
Product Manager, J6 (IT)
DoD AI Jobs Community: Create AI

Creates AI tools to meet current and future needs.

AI Jobs Title What Does This Job Do? Key Differentiators Example DoD Civilian Careers
AI Researcher Overall AI expert; pushes DoD AI capability forward by predicting and preparing for future use cases; innovator of AI tools.
  • Expert in AI technology and research
  • Develops new foundational AI techniques and applications
DARPA Artificial Intelligence Research Associate
AI / ML Engineer Builds, tests, codes, integrates, and deploys AI tools; expert at coding and programming.
  • Creator of AI tools
  • Understanding of how AI tools will be used
AI Assurance Engineer
Testing & Evaluation Engineer Evaluates system capabilities and limitations; identifies operational risks.
  • Understand and identify AI failure modes
  • Characterize performance within and outside operational parameters
Test & Evaluation Engineer,
System Engineer
Data Scientist Applies AI tools to perform analytics and create use case-specific solutions.
  • Expert applying AI tools to create solutions for specific use cases
Operations Research Analyst
Deployment Engineer Manages integration, deployment, and operation of AI systems at enterprise scale, including network and compute infrastructure and data engineering pipelines
  • Manages systems, infrastructure
  • Understanding of deployment
  • constraints (bandwidth limitations, security, etc.)
Network Infrastructure Engineer,
Information Technician
DoD AI Jobs Community: Embed AI

Embedded with Employ AI, establishes AI systems and provides end-user support at tactical edge.

AI Jobs Title What Does This Job Do? Key Differentiators Example DoD Civilian Career
Technician Deploys, maintains, adapts, and collects data for AI/ML systems at the tactical edge.
Sets up systems to collect and analyze data; troubleshoots ML models.
  • Able to create data capture and sharing systems downrange
  • Understand AI tools and coding to identify and troubleshoot issues in models
  • Provide first line defense for AI end users to get help with use of AI tools
Information Technician
DoD AI Jobs Community: Facilitate AI

Represents users to ensure appropriate AI tools are developed and delivered to address use cases.

AI Jobs Title What Does This Job Do? Key Differentiators Example DoD Civilian Careers
Product Owner Provides voice of customer to ensure requirements match user needs; turns product vision into actionable backlog.
  • Advocating for end users’ needs in front of AI development team
  • Optimize AI tool development process
Supply Program Manager,
Management and Program Analysis
UI / UX Designs AI tool interface for usability and accessibility.
  • Ensure AI tool interface supports end user accessibility
  • Know how to collaborate with Create AI personnel to add end user specifications
  • Shape ways in which users interact with AI systems
UX Designer
Other Technical Experts Delivers discrete elements of system not specific to AI. Manages functionality of non-AI components of technical tools.
  • Basic level of AI knowledge needed to supplement regular technical job requirements
Full-stack developer,
Web developer,
Systems admin
DoD AI Jobs Community: Employ AI

End-users of AI tools, provide feedback on and requirements for AI tools.

AI Jobs Title What Does This Job Do? Key Differentiators Example DoD Civilian Careers
Operations DoD Warfighter; combat-facing roles. Prepares for and delivers operational requirements.
  • AI strengthens warfighting / mission functions
Pilot, SWO, Infantry
Intelligence Gathers and analyzes information to support decision-making.
  • AI enables information gathering, analysis and reduces information delivery cycle time
Intelligence analyst,
Cryptology specialist,
ISR manager
Logistics & Maintenance Enables troop / gear movement, maintain equipment.
  • AI supports distribution, sustainment, and maintenance needs
Maintainer, repairer,
Procurement manager
Health Maintains health and well-being of the Warfighter.
  • AI supports maintaining and improving welfare of DoD personnel
Medical, Doctor, Nurse, Medic
Support Supports the Warfighter in non-combat requirements. Other focused support to the Warfighter.
  • AI used to support the warfighter
Legal, Personnel
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