Cyber Legal Advisor

Work Role ID: 731  |  Workforce Element: Cyberspace Enablers (Support) Legal / Law Enforcement

What does this work role do? Provides legal advice and recommendations on relevant topics related to cyber law.

KSAT ID Description KSAT
22 * Knowledge of computer networking concepts and protocols, and network security methodologies. Knowledge
108 * Knowledge of risk management processes (e.g., methods for assessing and mitigating risk). Knowledge
390A Acquire and maintain a working knowledge of constitutional issues relevant laws, regulations, policies, agreements, standards, procedures, or other issuances. Task
574A Provide legal analysis and decisions to inspector generals, privacy officers, oversight and compliance personnel with regard to compliance with cybersecurity policies and relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Task
984 Knowledge of cyber defense policies, procedures, and regulations. Knowledge
1157 * Knowledge of national and international laws, regulations, policies, and ethics as they relate to cybersecurity. Knowledge
1158 * Knowledge of cybersecurity principles. Knowledge
1159 * Knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Knowledge
6900 * Knowledge of specific operational impacts of cybersecurity lapses. Knowledge
6935 * Knowledge of cloud computing service models Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Knowledge
6938 * Knowledge of cloud computing deployment models in private, public, and hybrid environment and the difference between on-premises and off-premises environments. Knowledge
KSAT ID Description KSAT
24 Knowledge of concepts and practices of processing digital forensic data. Knowledge
88A Knowledge of current and emerging cyber technologies. Knowledge
252 Knowledge of and experience in Insider Threat investigations, reporting, investigative tools and laws/regulations. Knowledge
300A Knowledge of intelligence principles, policies, and procedures including legal authorities and restrictions. Knowledge
398 Advocate organization’s official position in legal and legislative proceedings. Task
451A Conduct framing of pleadings to properly identify alleged violations of law, regulations, or policy/guidance. Task
539A Develop guidelines for implementation. Task
599 Evaluate contracts to ensure compliance with funding, legal, and program requirements. Task
607 Evaluate the effectiveness of laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures. Task
612A Evaluate the impact of changes to laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures. Task
618A Provide guidance on laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures to management, personnel, or clients. Task
655A Facilitate implementation of new or revised laws, regulations, executive orders, policies, standards, or procedures. Task
675 Interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures to specific issues. Task
787A Prepare legal and other relevant documents (e.g., depositions, briefs, affidavits, declarations, appeals, pleadings, discovery). Task
834 Resolve conflicts in laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures. Task
954A Knowledge of foreign disclosure policies and import/export control regulations as related to cybersecurity. Knowledge
1070A Ability to monitor and assess the potential impact of emerging technologies on laws, regulations, and/or policies. Ability
6210 Knowledge of cloud service models and possible limitations for an incident response. Knowledge