Data Operations Specialist

Work Role ID: 624  |  Workforce Element: AI / Data

What does this work role do? Builds, manages, and operationalizes data pipelines.

KSAT ID Description KSAT
22 * Knowledge of computer networking concepts and protocols, and network security methodologies. Knowledge
108 * Knowledge of risk management processes (e.g., methods for assessing and mitigating risk). Knowledge
1157 * Knowledge of national and international laws, regulations, policies, and ethics as they relate to cybersecurity. Knowledge
1158 * Knowledge of cybersecurity principles. Knowledge
1159 * Knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Knowledge
6900 * Knowledge of specific operational impacts of cybersecurity lapses. Knowledge
6935 * Knowledge of cloud computing service models Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Knowledge
6938 * Knowledge of cloud computing deployment models in private, public, and hybrid environment and the difference between on-premises and off-premises environments. Knowledge
KSAT ID Description KSAT
28 Knowledge of data administration and data standardization policies and standards. Knowledge
31 Knowledge of data mining and data warehousing principles. Knowledge
32 Knowledge of database management systems, query languages, table relationships, and views. Knowledge
104 Knowledge of query languages such as SQL (structured query language). Knowledge
179B Skill in establishing data security controls. Skill
186 Skill in developing data dictionaries. Skill
400A Implement data management standards, requirements, and specifications. Task
520B Develop and implement data mining and data warehousing programs. Task
520A Implement data mining and data warehousing applications. Task
543 Develop secure code and error handling. Task
702 Manage the compilation, cataloging, caching, distribution, and retrieval of data. Task
764 Perform secure programming and identify potential flaws in codes to mitigate vulnerabilities. Task
858B Record and manage test data. Task
942 Knowledge of the organization’s core business/mission processes. Knowledge
1034A Knowledge of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data security standards. Knowledge
1034C Knowledge of Personal Health Information (PHI) data security standards. Knowledge
1128 Knowledge of Java-based database access application programming interface (API) (e.g., Java Database Connectivity [JDBC]). Knowledge
1128A Knowledge of database access application programming interfaces (APIs) (e.g., Java Database Connectivity [JDBC]). Knowledge
3722 Skill in data mining techniques (e.g., searching file systems) and analysis. Skill
5550 Program custom algorithms. Task
5841 Advise higher level leadership on critical data management issues. Task
5844 Apply data acquisition, cleaning, transformation, and ingestion best practices for machine learning data conduits. Task
5846 Assess and address the limitations of methods to deliver data. Task
5850 Assist integrated project teams to identify, curate, and manage data. Task
5852 Build automated data management conduits. Task
5854 Collaborate with appropriate personnel to address Personal Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and other data privacy and data resusability concerns for AI solutions. Task
5857 Comply with data classification and handling requirements through access control and security best practices. Task
5899 Manipulate and clean large, disparate datasets for bulk analysis to identify connections. Task
6060 Ability to collect, verify, and validate test data. Ability
6300 Knowledge of how to utilize Hadoop, Java, Python, SQL, Hive, and PIG to explore data. Knowledge
6470 Read, interpret, write, modify, and execute simple scripts (e.g., PERL, VBS) on Windows and UNIX systems (e.g., those that perform tasks such as: parsing large data files, automating manual tasks, and fetching/processing remote data). Task
6520 Skill in data pre-processing (e.g., imputation, dimensionality reduction, normalization, transformation, extraction, filtering, smoothing). Skill
6610 Skill in performing format conversions to create a standard representation of the data. Skill
6690 Skill in transformation analytics (e.g., aggregation, enrichment, processing). Skill
6730 Skill in using data mapping tools. Skill
6760 Skill in writing scripts using R, Python, PIG, HIVE, SQL, etc. Skill
7010 Knowledge of container orchestration and resource management platforms. Knowledge
7017 Knowledge of data operations (DataOps) processes and best practices. Knowledge
7019 Knowledge of data security roles and responsibilities. Knowledge
7025 Knowledge of how AI solutions integrate with cloud or other IT infrastructure. Knowledge
7028 Knowledge of how to automate development, testing, security, and deployment of AI/machine learning-enabled software to the DoD. Knowledge
7029 Knowledge of how to collect, store, and monitor data. Knowledge
7036 Knowledge of laws, regulations, and policies related to AI, data security/privacy, and use of publicly procured data for government. Knowledge
7062 Skill in developing and maintaining automation scripts. Skill
7066 Skill in identifying data acquisition, collection, and curation risks. Skill