Data Officer

Work Role ID: 903  |  Workforce Element: AI / Data

What does this work role do? Holds responsibility for developing, promoting, and overseeing implementation of data as an asset and the establishment and enforcement of data-related strategies, policies, standards, processes, and governance.

KSAT ID Description KSAT
22 * Knowledge of computer networking concepts and protocols, and network security methodologies. Knowledge
108 * Knowledge of risk management processes (e.g., methods for assessing and mitigating risk). Knowledge
1157 * Knowledge of national and international laws, regulations, policies, and ethics as they relate to cybersecurity. Knowledge
1158 * Knowledge of cybersecurity principles. Knowledge
1159 * Knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Knowledge
6900 * Knowledge of specific operational impacts of cybersecurity lapses. Knowledge
6935 * Knowledge of cloud computing service models Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Knowledge
6938 * Knowledge of cloud computing deployment models in private, public, and hybrid environment and the difference between on-premises and off-premises environments. Knowledge
KSAT ID Description KSAT
79 Knowledge of network access, identity, and access management (e.g., public key infrastructure [PKI]). Knowledge
120 Knowledge of sources, characteristics, and uses of the organization’s data assets. Knowledge
296 Knowledge of how information needs and collection requirements are translated, tracked, and prioritized across the extended enterprise. Knowledge
524 Develop and maintain strategic plans. Task
529 Develop data standards, policies, and procedures. Task
559C Oversee the evaluation of contracts to ensure compliance with funding, legal, and program requirements. Task
942 Knowledge of the organization’s core business/mission processes. Knowledge
1018 Ensure all acquisitions, procurements, and outsourcing efforts address information security requirements consistent with organization goals. Task
2416 Facilitate interactions between internal and external partner decision makers to synchronize and integrate courses of action in support of objectives. Task
2558 Maintain relationships with internal and external partners involved in cyber planning or related areas. Task
3146 Knowledge of both internal and external customers and partner organizations, including information needs, objectives, structure, capabilities, etc. Knowledge
3356 Knowledge of organization policies and planning concepts for partnering with internal and/or external organizations. Knowledge
3591 Knowledge of organization objectives, leadership priorities, and decision-making risks. Knowledge
5841 Advise higher level leadership on critical data management issues. Task
5842 Analyze existing and planned data investments to ensure they address key business problems, are compatible with the organization’s mission, and align with the target data architecture. Task
5867 Create policies for effective data management (e.g., data sharing agreements and security policies). Task
5869 Demonstrate to executive stakeholders how data and analytics initiatives address agency challenges. Task
5874 Develop a data management strategy that helps to prioritize investments and resource allocations (e.g., data analytics, data infrastructure). Task
5875 Develop an organizational change management plan to support a data management strategy. Task
5886 Facilitate cross-sharing of best practices for data usage. Task
5894 Lead the development and documentation of solutions for assigned data analytical objectives and projects. Task
5895 Lead the improvement of data system design processes that affect the success and continuation of key programs. Task
5896 Maintain current knowledge of advancements in DoD AI Ethical Principles and Responsible AI. Task
5898 Manage risk to the data program. Task
5903 Oversee the management of data classification and handling requirements. Task
5913 Remove barriers to data acquisition, collection, and curation efforts required for AI solutions. Task
5917 Set strategic priorities by leveraging data insights. Task
6040 Ability to assess and forecast manpower requirements to meet organizational objectives. Ability
6250 Knowledge of Workforce Framework, work roles, and associated tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Knowledge
6290 Knowledge of how to leverage government research and development centers, think tanks, academic research, and industry systems. Knowledge
6915A Skill in communicating with all levels of the organization, including senior/mid-level executives, and operational-level personnel (e.g., interpersonal skills, approachability, effective listening skills, appropriate use of style and language for the audience). Skill
7001 Ability to inspire and lead a culture of innovation. Ability
7014 Knowledge of data acquisition, collection, and curation best practices required for AI solutions. Knowledge
7015 Knowledge of data architecture and data services implementation. Knowledge
7016 Knowledge of data model development (e.g., conceptual, logical, and physical). Knowledge
7019 Knowledge of data security roles and responsibilities. Knowledge
7020 Knowledge of DoD AI Ethical Principles (e.g., responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable, and governable). Knowledge
7029 Knowledge of how to collect, store, and monitor data. Knowledge
7036 Knowledge of laws, regulations, and policies related to AI, data security/privacy, and use of publicly procured data for government. Knowledge
7063 Skill in developing enterprise-level/Agency-level policies. Skill
7074 Skill in performing strategic-level analysis to develop Enterprise Data Management (EDM) strategies. Skill
7083 Ability to understand technology, management, and leadership issues related to organization processes and problem solving. Ability