DoD Cyber Workforce Rotational Program

Cyber Workforce Rotational Program (CWRP)

The Department of Defense is committed to the development of its workforce and has created the Cyber Workforce Rotational Program (CWRP), a program solely dedicated to rotational assignments across DoD Cyber Excepted Service (CES) Components for employees aligned to CES positions. DoD recognizes that these rotational assignments are essential in obtaining depth and breadth of knowledge, fostering greater information sharing and understanding of the organization’s mission, collaboration, networking, as well as professional enhancement.


  • CWRP participants are selected by the host organization/agency. Travel and per diem expenses are the responsibility of the participants’ home organization and must be allotted in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation.
  • Participants rotate to assignments within their own CES Work Role.
  • DoD CES Components have flexibility to define and administer their own rotation program within the parameters outlined in this policy.
  • DoD CES Components must submit a copy of their implementing guidance to OSD CIO within 14 days of rotational announcements.
  1. Ensure workforce capabilities match present and future mission requirements through DoD’s Emerging Techologies Talent Marketplace initiative.
  2. Reduce competency gaps, enhance readiness, and provide more opportunities for CES employee growth.
  3. Broaden knowledge of other DoD CES Components and/or external organizations’ mission and functions.
  4. Improve the capability of the CES workforce by increasing external awareness and expanding perspectives to improve the capability of the DoD’s CES workforce.
  1. GG Pay Plan Coverage: The program covers all permanent GG-11 to GG-15 (or grade equivalent), DoD Civilians who are working within the cyberspace domain in support of CYBERCOM’s mission.
  2. Certification: Participants must be certified at the level required for the rotational assignment, within the Host organization.
  3. Essentials Questionnaire: Participants must complete an Essentials Questionniare within the Emerging Technologies Talent Marketplace.
  4. Experience: Participants must have at least 1 year of service in their current position and must be performing at an “exceeds” expectations level.
  5. Supervisory Endorsement: Participants must have the endorsement of their immediate supervisor. Endorsements, which also verify the availability of funding for the rotation, will be reviewed by the Host organization when making the participant selection decision.
  6. Individual Development Plan (IDP): Participants must complete an IDP which reflects a need for the type of experience offered by the rotational assignment.


  1. Provide participants an opportunity to perform sets of duties in another functional area, organization, and/or geographic location. Participants interested in rotational assignments will rotate to positions outside of their Home Organizations. Participants are selected by the Host Organization.
  2. Should be no less than three months and no more than one year. Rotational assignments may be extended in three-month increments for a total of no more than one additional year by CWRP DoD Component POCs. This extension may be granted in three-month increments not to exceed one year.
  3. Extensions must be documented on a Standard Form 52 (SF-52).
  4. Should be tied to employee’s IDP and primarily support development in accordance with the Cyberspace Workforce Elements are defined in DoDD 8140.01.
  5. Organizations must submit a rotational assignment description, via the Emerging Technologies Talent Marketplace, with the following information:
    • Brief description of the assignment duties and the supporting Cyberspace Workforce Community and Role (Cyberspace IT Workforce, Cybersecurity Workforce, Cyberspace Effects Workforce, Intelligence Workforce (Cyberspace), or Cyberspace Enablers).
    • Key qualifications, required grade, and tentative rotation start date.
    • Other requirements necessary to accomplish specialized work during the assignment such as, security clearances.
    • Development and learning opportunities.
    • Length of rotation (no less than three months and no more than one year).


1. Register for your DoD Emerging Technologies Talent Marketplace Account

2. Complete the Essentials Questionnaire — this is a questionnaire to find out more about you, your skills, and your preferences. The Essentials Questionnaire is comprised of these sections:

  • Citizenship + Military
  • Demographics
  • General Information
  • Preferences + Background

3. On the “Statuses” screen in the General Information section, be sure to select “DoD employee with at least 1 year in my current position looking for a rotational opportunity in the Cyber Workforce Rotation Program (CWRP)”

Cyber Workforce Rotation Program

4. Be sure to identify Skills Verifiers when prompted. These are individuals who can verify your skill sets and experiences.

5. In the Preferences + Background section and the Preferred Organizations screen, be sure to select any DoD agencies that interest you. Also, you’ll find these agencies participating currently in CWRP:

  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  • Joint Staff
  • U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (USFLEETCYBERCOM)
  • U.S. Marine Forces Cyber Command (MARFORCYBERCOM)
  • Sixteenth Air Force (Air Forces Cyber)
  • DoD Principal Cyber Advisor (PCA)

6. After you’ve completed your Essentials Questionnaire, you’ll be taken to your Candidate Profile screen. You’ll find the Talent Marketplace icon in the upper right portion of your browser. Click it to view any rotation opportunities currently posted — and keep checking back for more postings!

DoD Emerging Technologies Talent Marketplace

7. You can save any opportunities that interest you to your My Opportunity Cart. There you may review all of your saved opportunities at your convenience.

Job Opportunity Cart

8. If you find a rotation opportunity that interests you, perform a Hat Toss! This is the way to place your Candidate Profile in front of recruiters for rotation opportunities for review.

Talent Marketplace Hat Toss


What happens when my rotational assignment is finished?

When your rotational assignment ends, you will return to your assigned duties within your host organization. You will also complete an end-of-rotation/follow-on program evaluation.

How is my rotational assignment funded?

Your Home organization/agency is responsible for funding your travel and per diem expenses to and from the rotational assignment and will continue to fund your salary and benefits during the assignment. Additionally, your Host organization/agency is responsible for funding any travel and other rotational assignment-related costs incurred during your rotational assignment, in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations.

Will there be an orientation session for the rotational assignment?

Yes. The DoD CIO will provide participants, Host organization supervisors, and Home organization supervisors with the information needed to benefit from and smoothly transition in and out of rotational assignments.