Private Sector Companies, Academia, & NGOs:
Indicate Your CITEP Interest

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Cyber Information Technology Exchange Program, or CITEP, is the temporary exchange of DoD and private sector employees who work in the field of information technology between the two sectors.

CITEP is not a 1-for-1 exchange of personnel. Instead, it is an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experience, and skills between the DoD and private sectors. Private Sector includes nonpublic or commercial individuals and businesses, nonprofit organizations, academia, scholastic institutions, and nongovernmental organizations.

For companies and organizations, a private sector employee desiring to participate in CITEP must already be working in the cyber operations or information technology field; be equivalent to a GS-11 or above; be considered an exceptional employee, expected to assume increased information technology responsibilities in the future; and be currently employed by an organization interested in fulfilling key CITEP requirements.

Please fill out the form below for submission to the DoD CITEP Program Office to indicate your organization’s interest in participating

CITEP Private Sector Interest Survey
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