What You Need to Know

DoD Cyber Scholarship applicants must be recommended
by their school for the scholarship.

Cyber Scholarship NCAE-CThe NCAE-C school reviews the application materials, and conducts such verification as may be necessary to establish the following standards of academic sufficiency. NCAE-C schools exclude from further evaluation (and provide an endorsement of “Not Recommended” for) any applicant unable to meet the following academic requirements:

  • The DoD Cyber Scholarship applicant is pursuing a course of study and/or has a declared major in one of the scientific, technical or managerial disciplines related to computer and network security.
  • As a community college or undergraduate student, the applicant has a 3.2 out of a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) or, as a graduate student, the applicant has a 3.5 GPA out of 4.0, or an analogous rank based on a comparable scale.

The DoD Cyber Scholarship applicant’s demonstrated potential for academic success and fulfillment of degree requirements is substantial. NCAE-C schools shall review the factors enumerated below and shall exclude from further evaluation and not recommend any candidate unable to achieve a minimum score of 2 points on a 5-point scale. Scale values range from:

  • Insufficient Potential (One),
  • Sufficient Potential (Two),
  • Average Potential (Three),
  • High Potential (Four), and
  • Superior Potential (Five)

Factors to be considered in arriving at the rating for “demonstrated potential” are:

  • The DoD Cyber Scholarship applicant’s original transcript(s) from all institutions of higher education attended
  • The DoD Cyber Scholarship applicant’s current Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Academic honors, distinctions and awards
  • Letters of reference